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Timeline of Nefaste WIP

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Timeline of Nefaste WIP

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1760: Founded by the French after the area was explored by Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet to serve as a port and trading town as well as to establish dominance in the region. This was done after Fort De Chartes began to fall victim to continual problems, just south of Fort Nefaste. The spot was chosen due to a large quantity of flat land besides the mighty Mississippi River, allowing for a water source and a trading route. Its founder, Francis Feret, funded most of the original structures himself and remained to oversee its construction and trading as the first Govenor.

1763: The territory including the fort was given to the British following the Seven Years War, along with the other lands east of the mississippi as the treaty of paris decreed.

1765: In October, a small detachment of the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment of Foot commanded by Thomas Stirling took control of the area and ordered the french citizens to leave, or pay for a special license to remain. The 42nd regiment was replaced by the 34th regiment shortly after. Some citizens chose to leave and go to the developing St Louis. During this time, Celtic Paganism was introduced and quickly took hold.

1768: The 18th Royal Irish Regiment took command of the area, instructing harsh rules on the french that remained within the Fort.

1772: The british abandoned the post, leaving Francis Feret in control, although he died later that year.

1776: All of the british left the area, leaving it completely in the control of Thomas Feret, son of Francis.

1783: The land surronding and containing the Town of Nefaste became part of the United States of America as part of the Northwest Territory.

1809: The Illinois Territory was created, including Nefaste which had been thriving with people coming west from the Eastern States, up the Mississippi, or to go to the nearby St. Louis, following the routes of Louis and Clark. Meriwether Louis visited in the summer, spreading word of his travels.

1818: Illinois is accepted into the United States of America as its 21st state. U.S. Expansion started in the south, bringing new life to the town which quickly blossomed into a young city.

1832: Native Americans entered and became apart of the city following the Black Hawk War, in which Nefaste maintained a neutral attitude.

1861: Following President Lincolns call for troops, Nefaste and its fellow cities offered up a combined 250,000 men to the Union Army.

1865: Following the war, Nefaste became an important port for steamboats and served as part of the inspiration for some of Mark Twain's books. Railroads also became important in the town, serving as surplus and a repair yard for St. Louis.

1874: A cult moved its way into the city and the surronding area, inspired from the cajen voodoo traditions of early french colonies. This began the first war for superiority in the magic tradition.

1876: Thirty practicioners were massecred near the train yards, leading to the eventual and secret "Religious Truce".

1894: Nefaste is connected to St. Louis, and by extension the rest of the state by road, rail, river, and electric interurban railroad. During this time period an influx of German Immegrents began to settle within the city, increasing its diversity.

1906: Due to the increase of christian awakening, alcohol is increasingly scrutinized.

1912: Organized Italian crime moves into the city, and with it bringing new buisnesses and growth, but also new problems.

1919: Illinois, and the entire United States ban alcohol, however due to its close, but not too close to the major city of St. Louis, alcohol became an important underground industry, smuggling alcohol and drugs into the larger city and money and people out.


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