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Notable People of Nefaste

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Francis Feret (1708-1772)
-The founder of the original Fort Nefaste in 1760, he financed the majority of the base construction by inherited money from the Feret Estate. With him, he sailed several families up the Mississippi River using maps pioneered by Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet from New Orleans, settling on a place where Francis believed he was told to settle upon by God. When the British acquired the territory in 1765 he bartered with the regiment, allowing the french colonists to remain without the need for a special license. Later, in 1768 he butted heads with the Irish regiment who attempted to enforce harsh rules on the French that had remained within the town. He died months before the territory was abandoned by the British, from a prolonged illness. During his time he ruled as the chief spokesperson of the fort which had adopted a form of goverment relying on seven elected elders who made decisions, including when to sail up and down the river for trade.

Thomas Feret (1742-1783)
-Son of Francis, Thomas changed the goverment system from the elder form to one of a primary leader known as the mayor who held conmplete control of the town. He focused on improving the river and maritime trade, serving as an important part of improving and expanding the nearby St. Louis. His goal was to pass the mayorship onto his son, however he was wounded in a contruction accident and as his son was still only a child, the towns control passed onto the Construction Foreman who was with Thomas at the accident, leaving some to think that it wasnt an accident at all.

Stephen Feret (1781-1803)
-Rather than following the examples of his forefathers to improve the town, he was known as a distrustful and sinful man. He commonly spent all of the money he could on trivial things, including large ivory tusks from Africa. He was later killed in a duel instigated when his honor was questioned, leaving him to be buried in the river, instead of the family site.

Samuel Feret (1800-1857)
-In an attempt to clear the family name and to get out from his fathers despicable shadow, he became the first Democratically elected mayor in 1812, instead of the previous method of appointment. He was heavily involved in the politics of the town, focusing on culture and attracting new immigrants. He retired late in his life, spending the rest of his days on constructing the first library, dying from an epidemic which haunted the town.

Francis Feret II (1831-1896)
-Named after his forefather, he followed his fathers course, with a focus on education in his youth. Following President Lincoln's call for men, he enlisted in the Union Army, fighting for the entirety of the war, before coming home and using his fame of one of the few veterans to return home to help his political career. He lost the mayoral election, but was appointed to the head of education and immigration. His writings and speaking tours of the area reached the east coast, allowing more families to move in. During his time after the war he participated in speaking out against the Magical War, and finally retired into solidarity, dying shortly after the immigration boom of central europeans.


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