City of Nefaste

Government Structure

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Government Structure

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:52 pm

Mayor: Daniel O'Neil

Vice Mayor: Quentin Panli


1st Council:
Representative of Power: Richard Marc
Representative of Education: Olga Camp
Representative of Emergency Services: Brandon Cain
Representative of City Publicity: Charles Douglas
Representative of Water, Waste, and Environmentalism: Eligan Patrick

2nd Council:
Representative of the Northern Districts: Joe Crates
Representative of the Western Districts: Jaque MacArthur
Representative of the Eastern Districts: Eline Hopkin
Representative of the Southern Districts: Lisa Fermin
Representative of the Central Districts and Chairman: Nickolas Elyss

3rd Council:
Treasurer: Nate Silas
Commerce Coordinator: Stephen Cohls
Representation: Clint Sherry


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