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MacDavis Mob

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MacDavis Mob

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Boss of the Riverfront: George MacDavis

Captain of Weapons Imports: Phillip MacDavis

Weapons Supplier: Joe MacDavis

Weapons Transporter: Frances McDonnell

Captain of Marine Soldiers: Jimmy Mahoney

Naval Soldier: Napoleon Shania

Amphibious Soldier: Cornell Dewydd

Boss of Old Town: Anani MacDavis

Captain of Nuckalevee: MoChan Murphy

Enforcement of Local Resources: Robert Rica

Shock Troop: Susan Riona

Captain of Commerce: Moses Carson

Bars and Businesses: Adair Caligula

Supplier of Properties: Cory Janele

Boss of Legality: Elizabeth Finley

Captain of Banks: Zachery Benedict

Accountant: Harvey Page

Security Enforcement: Ridley Anathe

Captain of Legality: Jonah Sherley

Lawyer of the East: Festus MacArthur

Lawyer of the West: Newton Lovel

Known Mob Influenced Industries

Sports Betting
Ciggarette Tax Scams
Labor and Union Racketeering
Weapons Imports
Gay Bars and Clubs


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