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Amato Mafia

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Amato Mafia

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:13 pm

Don Vittoria Amato

Underboss: Margo Amato

Capo: Ezra Jeanes

Southern Contact: Bert Audrey

Supplier: Owen Antony

Soldier: Nate Eunice

Capo: Arlen Grant

Underboss: Max Timotha

Capo: Gary Bysshe

Soldier: Quintus Kathie

Recruit Coordinator: Jeffery Octavius

Capo: Ernest Javal

Soldier: Waldo Carrie

Recruit Coordinator: Isaac Driskoll

Underboss: Kate Silvestra

Capo: Denton Teddy

Capo: Aries Coty

Soldier: Alex Britton

Supplier: Rhiannon Tito

Northern Contact: Kyle Ale

Known Mafia Influenced Industries

Waste Management
Gasoline Tax Scams
High Stakes Gambling
Loan Sharking
Olive Oil Production


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